The story of Evolve came to life this month! We were fortunate enough to get local artist Dan Griffin Hayes in to capture one of our staffs journeys – from difficulties in education, to gaining her barista training, and then eventually taking on Birmingham with her new skills and new found confidence. (Sorry Starbukz!)

After hearing Shonah?s story, Dan went away to come up with a few designs.
We were blown away with how wonderfully he was able to depict the story of Shonah’s struggle into employment, a story that unfortunately befits many young people in Birmingham today.

However, the overall message is one of encouragement ? if you find the right support you can go on do to great things. We hope that whoever see?s the painting comes away thinking that the city is theirs for the taking.

Shonah?s Mural sits beautifully on the wall in our meeting space, her superhero-esque story creating the backdrop for team meetings, corporate training, and other events hosted in our
conference room.

We were so grateful to host Dan, a phenomenal artist’s work in our venue and even more pleased that it shows the positive journey a young person can make by stepping through Evolve?s door.